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For the cultivation of the Poinsettia plants, we ar use grafts from Italian companies and grow them in pots of 10,50 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 17 cm and 25 cm.
The substrate is enriched peat that is supported with proper lubrication, so it can provide the right nourishment and development to the plants.
The packaging of the plants consists of gelatin bags with Christmas themes and the plants are available for sale in early November.
Below, you can see images of our plants by year of cultivation
The cyclamen is a perennial plant with long blooming period. Their cultivation takes place in posts of 12 cm, 17 cm, and 25 cm.
Seedlings are from well known brands in the industry and after planting them, we provide an integrated pest management and nutrition system to the plant, so it can grow properly.
The plants are available for sale by mid-October.
The Hortensia is a demanding plant and like every culture, it also has its own peculiarities.
The parent material is sourced from the Netherlands and Italy and is prepared with 6-8 and 8-10 floral stems. The plants are grown in 21 cm pots and the entire production is supported by lubricating the head for varying the color, proper nutrition and growth of the plant.
The plants are available for sale in early March.
For the supply of the cuttings of cultivation of chrysanthemum, we trust German and Belgian companies.
Plants grown in pots of 13 cm, 17 cm and 27 cm.
Cultivation is external and the substrate we are using is peat, that is consistent with the requirements of the cultivation of chrysanthemum.
The seasonal plants are grown in pots that have a top diameter of 9 and 10,50 cm. Available in frames of 18 and 15 seats respectively.
The seeds from which they derive the plants are hybrids (F1) and imported from Holland and America of the house S & G, Panamerica, Sakata and Benary. The grafts are also hybrids, imported from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
The seeds are sown mechanically one by one with a pneumatic machine in peat substrate (Klasmann house). The cultivation of plants is enriched in peat (Klasmann house). The transplanting of seedlings is done mechanically by robot, transferring the plant from the seed bed tray to its final pot -along with the ball of the root system (not bare-rooted)- which reduces to a minimum the shock of the transplant for the plant.
Plants grown in the prefecture of Thessaloniki in a total area of ​​40.000 m2, of which 30.000 m2 is glass-shielded greenhouses and 10.000 m2 is the outdoor production. Crops are provided with all the necessary care for their proper development and proper nutrition with adequate fertilizers, according to the requirements of each plant. Preventive sprayings of fungicides, insecticides and therapeutic interventions are made, when there is a problem. Also regular fertilizations take place, depending on the needs of each plant to ensure that it has a good health and proper development.

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