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The Kontstantinidis Vasilis company has more than 25 years of experience in cultivating ornamental plants. It has achieved a dynamic presence in both the domestic and overseas market. In specific, its exports to the Balkan countries have enabled the company to expand its clientele and maintain a stable relationship with its associates.

It is situated on sixty acres of land with both greenhouse and outdoor crops. The plant species that are cultivated are mainly annual plants, chrysanthemums, cyclamen, poinsettia and perennial herbs, perennial plants.

The Konstantinidis Vasilis team collaborates with big overseas companies in order to suit the needs of the market. They are constantly improving their facilities such as the construction of a new glass greenhouse and the purchase of new mechanical equipment so that their production increases and their product quality improves
They succeeded in maintaining a relationship of trust with their clients due to their consistent work and excellent product quality.

The company's goal is to continue to meet customer wants and needs, to improve their customer competitiveness as well as their economic development.


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